When do they sleep?


ITbende Podcast 14

Iedereen komt langzaam weer terug van vakantie. ITbende 14 is net door ons opgenomen. De release is ook te volgen via http://twitter.com/itbende en via iTunes: http://bit.ly/9wkIv . Zet hem op je iPod of andere MP3 speler en ga lekker naar het stand of zo. Veel luister plezier.

Chat Catcher News

Shannon Whitley is pleased to announce the completion of an investment round with Ocasta Labs for his Chat Catcher. Ocasta Labs have injected both funds and resources to extend the Chat Catcher team and to accelerate development of the service.

Digg URL shortening service not in Stats yet

I wrote a Digg URL shortening module in Perl. You will have to wait at most 3 weeks for me to get a PAUSE ID before you can download it from CPAN. Mail me if you like to use it now. You can see the result of the module on http://twitter.com/volkskrant. According to Matthew Hurst Digg is not used on Twitter yet. My module will change that 😉

Telegraaf Twitter

Twitter can’t handle the long http://www.feedsportal.com/ RSS links the Telegraaf is using now. I hope that I fixed it for now. I have to wait for the update cycle to see if the Tinyurl’s will show up in the http://twitter.com/telegraaf feed. Thanks Anne Jan for warning me about this issue.

Fon makers launch twitter clone: twitxr

twitxrYou can now start photoblogging from your phone with the twitter clone twitxr. FON Labs group known for building the fon.com WiFi community is behind this launch. Checkout my first test Twit.. Is this also called a Twit ??

Volkskrant back on Twitter

The twitter feed http://twitter.com/volkskrant was down for 9 days. I just had to change some timings it seems.

Tweetl Beta

TweetlTweetl creates short Urls for twitter. It doesn’t solve the problems we had with the tinyURL outage mentioned here.

The URL for this Blog:


Is Twitter down?

http://istwitterdown.com/ ….. Now you know!

Close down “open” systems ?

I just saw this post. Twitter closed my test feed http://twitter.com/detelegraaf 5 months ago and promised to enable it when the head was over. I am still waiting….. Perhaps www.jaiku.com was bought by Google because the people behind it are smarter and better at handling users on an open system. It seems Facebook has the same problems as Twitter. I was looking at the Facebook API but after reading this I will start with the Jaiku API first.