The Gillmor Gang is back again


The Gillmor Gang has returned, it will be sponsored by Rackspace and streamed live on Building43’s new RealTime Network channel.

The Impossible is done

The Gang Podcast is out before the TWiT Netcast 😉

RSS feed for The Gang

Today Steve Gillmor has released a RSS feed for his show but asked not to tell you where it is? Looks the like a big child’s play to me. Just login to the Facebook group and follow the tagregator link. I am wondering why he is using this redirect link via Cori Schlegel’s personal Ubuntu PC ( What is the tagregator doing? It has my attention 😉 Join this Facebook group to follow the link to the rebooted Gang RSS feed, with Doc Searls, Jason Calacanis, Mike Vizard, Mike Arrington, Dana Gardner, Nick Carr, Robert W. Anderson, and Steve Gillmor. It is worth the quest.

The Gillmor Gang is back

Steve GillmorLast Friday Steve Gillmor recorded a new show titled “The Gang”.  Yes! my favorite Gillmor gang is back. If you are interested in hearing the results join this Facebook group