The silverlight-selenium libraries extend the Selenium RC clients, adding Silverlight communication capabilities to the Selenium RC tests. Link

My First MediaPlayer Test4

I finally had to change some code. I changed the StartPlayer.js file so you can pass it the Media filename. The “AutoLoad” is nice but will create more traffic if you add this to a blog. I can perhaps trigger “AutoLoad” if MP3 one is half played. It is also better if all other players stop if you press play. I hope this can be done with this player. You see test4 on:

My First MediaPlayer Test3

Test3. See what happens when you resize the browser window.

My First MediaPlayer Test2


My First MediaPlayer Test1

Without programming I created my First MediaPlayer with Microsoft Blend. You have never seen such an advanced player before. See:

Playing with Blend

After talking about Blend today without really knowing what it can and can’t do with Silverlight take a look at my first xaml file and how it will be show in Silverlight here. I used Paste2Xaml by Andrej Benedik and Blend from Microsoft to create this.


First Look at Silverlight 2

Link to ScottGu’s blog on the new Silverlight 2.

Checking the new Silverlight Popfly

PopflyCheckout my Popfly test here. You will need Silverlight to see it.