mp3_hdThomson has released a new lossless MP3 format called mp3HD. mp3HD files also contains the old lossy audio parts so you can play it at are lower quality on all normal MP3 players. You can download a WinAmp Plug-in here.

Legaly download another 25 million songs via Qtrax

QtraxIt seems we need a converter for this DRM from Qtrax to get the music on a MP3 player. Because 2008 is the year DRM will die I think this service has to disable the DRM themselves at the end of this year to stay in business. For now lets wait for the DRM player to come online.


SeeqPodI normally hear about Web 2.0 sites on Podcasts I listen to or see something about them on the net. SeeqPod escaped my attention until Warner Music Group sued them this week. Because 2008 is the year DRM will die we will see more suing this year by the old Music industry. They have a hard time adopting to a word where Young people don’t want CD’s anymore. They just want to download music to their phone or MP3 player. They will not stop this movement away from CD’s by suing sites like SeeqPod I think.

Mullenweg wants you to be a podcaster on

3 Gigabyte on-line for your MP3’s. Will audio podcasters move from LibSyn or PodShow to Read more.