back to asm with asm.js

Emscripten is an LLVM to JavaScript compiler. I think it was used to create plu. But now you can use asm.js with emscripten to compile C/C++ to a subset of JavaScript. Benchmarks of C programs compiled to asm.js are usually within a factor of 2 slower than native compilation.

JavaScript Bookmarklet Builder

Perl script for developing or modifying bookmarklets. I found it here.

Json Cross-site test

I just tested a Json Cross-site test. Take a look at the source.:
Why is downloading XML from an other domain more dangerous?

Browser Crash

IE7 just crashed after repeating; over and over again. I tried to do it again but I can’t reproduce the bug. What is #javascript:void(0); for??

Autopopulating text input fields with JavaScript

Roger Johansson wrote a nice script. Check it out here. More