Facebook down

I don’t like this. Perhaps we will have to this one day with one of our systems but I hope to avoid it. 

Google disabled by Facebook

Today Facebook disabled the new Friend Connect from Google to get the friends from Facebook into this new Service. Google now has to gather the Friends themselves. Or do you have Orkut? Is this project aimed at taking friends away from Facebook and/or is it two way? Can Facebook via Friend Connect import all my 2 Orkut friends into facebook? Anyway a lot off questions and no answers yet.

Let the Platform Wars begin!

On the same night the sophisticated MySpace Application Platform was released to developers, Facebook announced an important forthcoming development that should make Facebook apps a whole lot less annoying. Link

Close down “open” systems ?

I just saw this post. Twitter closed my test feed http://twitter.com/detelegraaf 5 months ago and promised to enable it when the head was over. I am still waiting….. Perhaps www.jaiku.com was bought by Google because the people behind it are smarter and better at handling users on an open system. It seems Facebook has the same problems as Twitter. I was looking at the Facebook API but after reading this I will start with the Jaiku API first.