DRM is Dead

I predicted that 2008 was the year DRM would die. After Wal-Mart, MSN Music and Yahoo! and many others closed their DRM systems now the last and most important one iTunes has switched off DRM. So my prediction has come true. Read More.

Wal-Mart Closes DRM System

Wal-Mart is reacting to my topic “2008 is the year DRM will die” see this post on TechCrunch.

MSN backs off on plans to nuke DRM-locked MSN Music collections

As you know I am interested in DRM because it will die out this year. Here is an other link on the matter.

How Apple is changing DRM

As more stores and record labels abandon digital rights management, Apple may have an alternative plan for subscription services, writes Tim Anderson. Link

RIAA says DRM is coming back — in the future, you won’t own music

I thought DRM will die this year and it seems to do. David Hughes now thinks DRM is comming back. Link

No DRM for BBC’s iPlayer

I keep on saying “DRM is almost dead“. See also this post.

Sony DMS Music store will close March 31, 2008

Sony will phase out the CONNECT™ DRM Music Service in the U.S. and Canada. You are advised to burn CD’s from your DRM files now.

They do not ensure the DRM content will work after March 31, 2008. A lot of people will lose their collections because Sony is not warning their customers in TV spots or on their site. If you read this blog you know your DRM files will also die this year and perhaps already made a backup or ripped your own content 😉 Now Sony strongly recommends you to do this! More info.

Legaly download another 25 million songs via Qtrax

QtraxIt seems we need a converter for this DRM from Qtrax to get the music on a MP3 player. Because 2008 is the year DRM will die I think this service has to disable the DRM themselves at the end of this year to stay in business. For now lets wait for the DRM player to come online.

DRM free 2008 for Yahoo

Even the people at Yahoo read my blog 😉 Link


SeeqPodI normally hear about Web 2.0 sites on Podcasts I listen to or see something about them on the net. SeeqPod escaped my attention until Warner Music Group sued them this week. Because 2008 is the year DRM will die we will see more suing this year by the old Music industry. They have a hard time adopting to a word where Young people don’t want CD’s anymore. They just want to download music to their phone or MP3 player. They will not stop this movement away from CD’s by suing sites like SeeqPod I think.