Cloudforce 2009

James Governor’s interesting post about the Salesforce realtime cloud.

Cloud Privacy

TechCrunch just had an interesting article on Cloud Privacy.

Kids smarter than the sysadmin

Yesterday I wrote about kids smarter than the sysadmin. Today Russian hackers penetrate the Pentagon computer system in a cyber attack. Read more about it here. For the Dutch readers please think about how safe your Personal Medical records (EPD) are stored on a central computer system much weaker than that of the Pentagon.


In this CNET article I read “The Eucalyptus Cloud Controller interacts with the Clouds to manage the resources.” It look in some ways like my old “cloudswitcher” plan. Time, time, time. At least I registered when I was thinking about this topic. Now perhaps I can use Eucalyptus instead of creating a cloudswitcher myself.