BitTorrent Sync Image folders Full & Read only

You can access the BitTorrent Sync Image folders with the Full access secret: ‘ADDTHISBITTORRENTSYNCIMAGEFOLDERS’ or with the Read only secret: ‘BJSP4QJYXT3DGGY2XJXXUJRDDBRRGITEU’


I am testing a Perl backed BitTorrent Sync folder for images. You can add images yourself. You can also delete Images from others. You can try this by adding the Full access key: ADDTHISBITTORRENTSYNCIMAGEFOLDERS

I hope to see some beautiful images from you.

ITbende Podcast via BitTorrent Sync

ITbende Podcast via BitTorrent Sync: RRNO46S55FWX2OPMOCKMYMJDM6MK4UDUM


The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict – Guilty

Just minutes ago the verdict in the case of The Pirate Bay Four was announced. More info Hijacked and Turned Into a Scam Site


Warning: Torrentfreak reports is now a SCAM site. You will have to go to to get the real Shareaza.

ted makes downloading TV shows easy!

TedTed seems to work better than Hulu if you like to watch TV series from your computer. Ted seems like a legal program to me but it will set you up to download illegal video content via programs like µTorrent. It is so easy and fast it is almost scary.

Anti-Piracy Organization Domain Now Owned by The Pirate Bay

Prate BayThe Pirate Bay knows how to make friends and publicity. See this article on Torrentfreak.

BitTorrent DNA (Delivery Network Accelerator)

Art Technica writes BitTorrent DNA will speed video steaming. Brightcove is already doing it.