via Amazon Ireland

Testing this WordPress on the new virtual server from Amazon Ireland.

Testing WebDAV on EC2


I installed WebDAV on the EC2 server today. There is as far as I can see one problem with WebDAV. You can’t GET .CGI or .PHP files with the normal http GET. Perhaps WebDAV needs to be extended with a DAVGET that always downloads the source. For now I disabled .PHP execution like this:

RewriteEngine off
<Files ~ “\.(php|jsp)$”>
   ForceType text/plain

You can see this in action bij opening phpinfo.php on:

Testing Amazon EC2 is now on EC2.. Testing, Testing, Testing

Gmail follows Amazon trend

After Amazon S3 went down for several hours on Friday now is down for more than an hour. is still works. Google is always competing: “When Amazon S3 can go down so can we!”