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WALLENBERG feat Leila K — Legendary

Wow.. Free GPS


Try I-GUESS yourself.

375 x 200.000 = 75.000.000

MSD (Gardasil) and GSK (Cervarix) fighting over a turnover of 75 million euro each year. This seems to indiate this price is not close to the cost price.  Link 

Pharoah Sanders

Yesterday I saw/heared Pharoah Sanders (68 y) for the first time. It was an interesting evening. Thanks León.

It does

Skype gave up. Link

Tweetl is working hard! Dee’s sleeping…


Shhhh… Dee’s sleeping…

If you’re seeing this – our server move was a success
We’re tossing a bit more anti-spam code in and should have
link creation back up by the end of the day.
All services, with the exception of redirects,
have been temporarily turned off.

We’ll be back as soon as we can!

Let the Platform Wars begin!

On the same night the sophisticated MySpace Application Platform was released to developers, Facebook announced an important forthcoming development that should make Facebook apps a whole lot less annoying. Link

postxmlrpc.cgi shown on

Just in case you where thinking I had noting to write about anymore. The post “this is the title” was done with postxmlrpc.cgi on an meeting today to show how the script works.

And my new Monitor. Also curved….

AlienWare Curved monitor