The Gillmor Gang is back again


The Gillmor Gang has returned, it will be sponsored by Rackspace and streamed live on Building43’s new RealTime Network channel.

Augmented Reality or Sixth Sense

Here us talk about Augmented Reality in Dutch on the ITbende.

ITbende in iTunes Shop

De ITbende is opgenomen in de iTunes shop zie:

ITbende Podcast 14

Iedereen komt langzaam weer terug van vakantie. ITbende 14 is net door ons opgenomen. De release is ook te volgen via en via iTunes: . Zet hem op je iPod of andere MP3 speler en ga lekker naar het stand of zo. Veel luister plezier.

ITbende nr 9 Live

We are very happy the ITbende now has more then 500 listeners. Today we recorded Podcast Nr 9. You can listen or download the podcast via or in iTunes:

ITbende 7 nu on-line

ITbende LogoAlweer nr 7 van de ITbende is nu on-line. (iTunes link)

How to add the iTbende to the iTunes store?

According to Katie you must help us by adding the ITbende to your iTunes. It will improve my iTunes experience? Klik here to do so. See Katie’s mail:

Good afternoon Martin,

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Store to let me know you are having a hard time. I understand that you would like your podcast to be on the first page of the podcasts. I know you must be concerned, but there’s no need to worry. My name is Katie and it would be my pleasure to help you out today.

Unfortunately, only the most popular and most downloaded podcasts show up there.

My suggestion would be to start spreading the word about your podcast so that it becomes more popular and gets a lot of downloads.

I hope you find this information helpful, Martin. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I’ll be more than happy to assist you with whatever you need. Thank you for the chance to improve your iTunes experience.


iTunes Store Customer Support


Bing now Live

We mentioned Microsoft’s Bing, Redmond’s latest search engine to challenge Google’s crown in “De ITbende podcast”. Bing is now live on . Where is the add URL to Bing ??

Podcastinfo 5 jaar


De makers van vieren hun 5 jarig bestaan.  Het is de index voor het vinden van de Nederlandse podcast. Er is meteen over gegaan op nieuw Content Management Systeem en een nieuw systeem voor het verzamelen van de podcasts. Bekijk het hier.

ITbende podcast 4

Luister eens naar De Bende: Luc Sala, Salih Kilic, Bart van Klaveren en mij op