ITbende Podcast site nu live

ITbende Logo De ITbende site is nu te bekijken op De 1e ITbende Podcast zal vrijdag worden opgenomen. Je kan nu alvast luisteren naar de 2 Devcasts opgenomen voor de ontwikkelaars van het personalized podcast syteem.

Web Storage in IE8?

Web Storage is no longer part of HTML5. It’s a separate draft now. We will have to test how this mega Cookie works. Can users disable it? 

Different authors sharing one host name, for example users hosting content on, all share one persistent storage object and one set of databases. There is no feature to restrict the access by pathname. Authors on shared hosts are therefore recommended to avoid using the persistent storage features, as it would be trivial for other authors to read from and write to the same storage area or database.

Lets test this. What if gmail or google docs starts using this. Will it be safe?

The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict – Guilty

Just minutes ago the verdict in the case of The Pirate Bay Four was announced. More info

Loudspeaker less than 0.25mm thick

Super flat Speakers

Statebook the Facebook for the UK government

There now is a site called Statebook, it is a spoof government site, listing all the information government holds an an individual citizen, based on FIPR and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust’s Database State report. Link

Life-size Lego statue of Jesus Christ in Swedish church

Lege JesusSwedish church opened its mass Sunday by unveiling a life-size Lego statue of Jesus Christ. The Jesus Christ statue stands 1.78 metres (5.8 feet) high. Churchgoers had donated nearly 30,000 Lego bricks to build it, said Per Wilder, the pastor of the Oensta Gryta Church in Västerås, about 110 kilometres (70 miles) west of Stockholm. Was the pastor building it himself? What will he build next?

Skype Founders May Seek to Buy It Back

Will Skype founders buy Skype back from eBay. Checkout what Brad Stone writes about it in the New York Times.

DimDim 5 is out now

Get DimDimJust for your information you can now download the new DimDim 5. Dimdim has been nominated for this year’s Webware 100.  Please vote for Dimdim! if you like it.


mp3_hdThomson has released a new lossless MP3 format called mp3HD. mp3HD files also contains the old lossy audio parts so you can play it at are lower quality on all normal MP3 players. You can download a WinAmp Plug-in here.

Cloud Privacy

TechCrunch just had an interesting article on Cloud Privacy.