Martinic Scanner Vibrato

Martinic Scanner Vibrato Animation Example

This is how the real scanner works. You can test the Software version of the Martinic Scanner Vibrato here.

16 years Martinic


Yeah. Today we party. Martinic was founded 16 years ago. After 15:00 hour we are all at d’ Olde Smidse. See you there.

It is time to change the company logo ;-)

The evolution of tech companies logos.

Just testing

Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GT

MARTINIC Computers switched to GeForce 8 based video cards in October. After reading about the promising GeForce 8800 GT I checked availability in The Netherlands. The card is expected next week.

Image Comparer™ algorithm in a DLL

Because we now have more than 100000 images in the still internal specs system something like this can be very helpful to automate things. Link

McAfee announces ‘triple play’ in its consumer releases

McAfee Plus 2008In a move that McAfee hopes will distinguish it from the competition, the company is now offering three user licenses for all its desktop products. More