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You can only leave a comment on this blog if your logged-in via the OSO. You normally found out about this after you wrote a comment. This was quite some pain because you had to write your comment twice. I fixed this today. Now you can’t write a comment before you are logged-in.

Brain Teaser

Click the image to see it larger.



This is just a test to see if SM2 detects that I wrote the terms OSO and OpenSignOn here.

Roald Dahl’s “writing hut”

Space-saving triple trashcan

After kacokijk started the trashcan hype even Boing Boing is catching on..


To watch ant video’s check out Milo’s and Inga’s blog.

Images again

I unable to upload images with the Flash up-loader from WordPress since I installed Flash 10. After Theo updated WordPress to the newest version I am able to “bypass” the Flash up-loader and select files the old way. So here is an Image for you:

Get your keys from the photoservice

I just saw this blog post. You can store your keys as JPEG files and order new ones on-line if you lost them. You must now hide your PIN code and the shape of your keys. In the near future all people must wear sun glasses to prevent irisscan coloners to get a good picture of your eyes.

Merge two

Check out this Blog post (in Dutch) on the Trashcans on this blog. See also the next R2D2 I want for Christmas. And my new computer case. Thanks Coen.


Money Trashed

For some reason I seem to see more and more trash cans…..