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New site: amsterdamartistic.com

Check out Inga’s new site: amsterdamartistic.com

You can now also Subscribe via Email on this site.

Broerse.net via Amazon Ireland

Testing this WordPress on the new virtual server from Amazon Ireland.

Google Reader => Netvibes

Because google will stop with Google Reader I switched to Netvibes. In reader mode it is almost as good as Google Reader.

ITbende Podcast site nu live

ITbende Logo De ITbende site is nu te bekijken op www.itbende.nl. De 1e ITbende Podcast zal vrijdag worden opgenomen. Je kan nu alvast luisteren naar de 2 Devcasts opgenomen voor de ontwikkelaars van het personalized podcast syteem.

Hugo made it !!


Hugo just got WordPress working on his new host.

Digg URL shortening service not in Stats yet

I wrote a Digg URL shortening module in Perl. You will have to wait at most 3 weeks for me to get a PAUSE ID before you can download it from CPAN. Mail me if you like to use it now. You can see the result of the module on http://twitter.com/volkskrant. According to Matthew Hurst Digg is not used on Twitter yet. My module will change that 😉

IE8 Best Standards Support

You can also add the <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” /> edge value to your http headers by adding it to your .htaccess files like this:

BrowserMatch MSIE best-standards-support
Header set X-UA-Compatible IE=edge env=best-standards-support

Thanks Sam.

WordPress 2.7.1.


Theo Updated this blog to WordPress version 2.7.1.
I can still post 😉 And upload images with beer bottles with the Flash uploader again…. Also updated the wp-comments-post.php file for extra XSall spam protection like this:

  if ( get_option(comment_registration’) || !$GLOBALS[xsall’]->loggedin )
    wp_die( __(Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment.’) );

Cloud Privacy

TechCrunch just had an interesting article on Cloud Privacy.