Swedish house on the Moon

manhus2There is a man from Sweden who wants to build a house on the moon. This entrepreneur, Mikael Genberg, started to build a one room hotel high up in a tree in a park. That idea got worldwide press coverage. Because this was a big success he started building a floating one room hotel (glass cellar) so you sleep between fish. These hotels are now all over the world.

In march 2013 a Swedish consortium will put a lunar module in a custom Dnjepr-missile. In the lunar module is a surprise packet the size twice a shoebox. This kit will transforms itself, once on the moon, in a nice swedish house. Six by two meters, with a lovely sloping roof. By tradition cottages in Sweden are built of wood but the moon cottage will be constructed of a very light weight material and be both collapsible and inflatable. It will last about 100 million years.

Man Hus 1

More info on www.themoonhouse.com


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