Money from the clouds

Microsoft seems to expect to make way more money than 1 billion dollar per year from cloud services. That is why they will set up 20 new super big data centers over the next 20 years. Debra Chrapaty, Microsoft’s VP of global foundation services, speaking to the US media, said “We’re going to reinvent the infrastructure of our industry.” When you run everything from the 20 big datacenters how smart is that?? If 10 datacenters are bombed or taken over by kids smarter than the sysadmin you can’t fall back on backup datacenters. It seems to me that you need at least 1000 big datacenters and some form of TBS. This is also why I think lots of OpenSignOn servers are better than one big super XSall server. Anyway this shift to the cloud is a very interesting development. More about it on this blog.


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