When you don’t have google mail anymore.

Here is an interesting article about Google Horror. I more and more think users must be able to have control over all their data. I think it is a good thing Google disables in some cases the web presence of a user but I think must keep a way open for the user to backup his data. In my twitter case it would have been nice for me to extract the “Followers” and be able to send them a Twit that the feed was temporary (8 months) down.


One Response to “When you don’t have google mail anymore.”

  1. Yuping Liu on February 18th, 2008 4:17 pm

    I agree that users should have access to their own data. It would be interesting to discuss how this can be implemented at a firm-level. At the government level, the EU is currently deciding whether individual data retained by search engine companies should be limited.