New features for this Blog

Yecck! I had to write some PHP to get this to work. But it seems to work now. I am still testing so if you see strange things (on this blog) please leave a comment. Besides the look one of the reasons for this change was that I don’t like fixed width sites. They look like post-stamps on big screens. I added some extra features as well:
Post Links

  1. Bookmark: You can now bookmark every post you like in any bookmark site you use. You can even bookmark the URL of a post (not this Blog) in your browser.
  2. Trackback: Copy and paste this if your bogging software does not detect the Trackback URL by itself.
  3. Email to a Friend: This looks simple but I had to read about PHP encoding to get this to work. All my tests worked but there is room for some bugs/errors here.

Next I added the subscribe part on the right.

  1. Subscribe by Email: You can now Subscribe by Email to this Blog via Feedburner. You will get an Email once a day and only if I wrote something on this Blog.
  2. Subscribe using any feed reader!: If you use Feed readers like Google Reader, Rojo or Bloglines you can Subscribe to this Blog in two clicks.

I think a Share function like is still missing but I think this blog is ready for today….


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