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Martinic Scanner Vibrato

Martinic Scanner Vibrato Animation Example

This is how the real scanner works. You can test the Software version of the Martinic Scanner Vibrato here.

Inga’s Redbubble Shop

Testing Ember-Pouch

Taking baby steps you can now create, delete and change records. Checkout:

Mini Pouch


Ember-CLI and Fortune.js

I created an Ember-CLI example that uses Fortune.js as the server. It also uses the JsonApiAdapter for Ember-Data.


Building using Ember

Amsterdam Ember.js Meetup #1

ember_amsterdamThe first Amsterdam Ember.js Meetup is scheduled for 12 March at 19:00 at I like to see you there. RSVP on

Ember WordPress test 4

If you access a post via an URL like I didn’t know how to return the post with an ‘id’ from the objects created with findAll. I ended up fetching the specific post by ‘id’ from JetPack again. With much help from ‘melc’ and StackOverflow I changed my test to this:

You can download the source from or download the Ember Starter kit from and replace index.html and app.js files.


App = Ember.Application.create(); {
  this.resource('posts', function() {
    this.resource('post', { path: ':post_id' });

App.Post = Ember.Object.extend();

  findAll: function() {
    return Ember.$.ajax({ url: '', dataType: "jsonp", type: 'GET' }).then(function(data) {
      return {
        post['id'] = post['ID'];
        delete post['ID'];
        return App.Post.create(post);
  find: function(id) {
    return Ember.$.ajax({ url: '' + id + '/', dataType: "jsonp", type: 'GET' }).then(function(post) {
      post['id'] = post['ID'];
      delete post['ID'];
      return App.Post.create(post);

App.PostsRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  model: function() {
    return App.Post.findAll();

App.PostRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  model: function(params) {
    var post = this.modelFor("posts").findBy("id",parseInt(params.post_id));
      return App.Post.find(params.post_id);   
    } else {
      return post;